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DD Classic Moto-Jacket DD Classic Moto-Jacket DD Classic Moto-Jacket DD Classic Moto-Jacket

DD Classic Moto-Jacket

DD Classic Moto-Jacket



All jackets are HAND MADE TO ORDER.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery!

I finally got my shit together and designed the perfect Moto Jacket! Yes, I designed it. Yes, I wear mine just about every day. This baby is unisex, but if you wear it guaranteed for multi-sex (see what I did there). Just saying, I'd fuck someone wearing this jacket, its that badass. Fully lined with my logos, and one big daddy sized (and yet still somehow subtle) DD logo on the back. my favorite part? Not only tons of pockets on the outside, TONS OF POCKETS ON THE INSIDE!!! My favorite thing when buying a jacket. Keeps your phone or wallet from being snagged, nice and safe, in the inside pockets. Plus, outside pockets are now free for your hands. These are custom made to order, so just about every size is possible.

That being said, be fucking patient, ok? Some dude I hired has to custom make this jacket for you, and he's for sure jealous he doesn't have his own. Because these are custom made that are not available for returns, so be super careful when purchasing that you get the right size. When in doubt, go bigger (my motto with everything heheheh) This is real, 100% dead animal leather, so if you're a vegan, I don't recommend. I do recommend buying this jacket if you want to be warm (and cool) as fuck. WERE BASICALLY A COOL FAN CLUB NOW SO WE HAVE MATCHING JACKETS! This has been my Ted talk.

Ok, here's the "professional" version of above: The jacket uses the highest quality leather available. We hand-cut the leather panels from the same soft, chrome tanned, drum-dyed and practically indestructible cowhide leather. This leather breathes well and breaks in quick and easy, so it will last many years without needing treatments or conditioners.

For wind protection and added warmth, the DD Moto features an asymmetrical main zipper, attached belt, zippered sleeve cuffs, and a durable 100% cotton flannel DD logo lining sewn into the body of the jacket. The DD Logo is embossed on the back for added coolness. The collar and shoulder epaulets are designed in the traditional 1940s style.