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Date Night Box - February 2018 Date Night Box - February 2018 Date Night Box - February 2018 Date Night Box - February 2018 Date Night Box - February 2018 Date Night Box - February 2018

Date Night Box - February 2018

Date Night Box - February 2018



The “Date Night” Box

It doesn’t matter if it's Monday or Friday. It doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship. Take time for Date Night. We all remember our first time.

That moment you realized how wonderful that “special hug” is. I wanted my box to be just as special because, well, for once, it’s my first time too. Were in this together baby. Just the tip, nice and slow.

Let’s just see how this box feels. Feels pretty good, doesn’t it? Let’s wine and dine, and then we can have some fun. You don’t want to stink going out on your date. No one wants to bang when you smell like you’ve been at the office all day. Spray yourself down with a tester of my new unisex fragrance. I’ve been told it gives off more of a vanilla scent for women and more of a tobacco scent for men. No matter what, you’ll smell bomb as fuck. If you run out, don’t worry…I sell full-size bottles at

Dinner was yum, and now for dessert. Lube it up, baby. Use that good Doc Johnson Lube, none of that cheap drugstore shit. No one wants to see that hairy, oily, half-used tube on the side table. We’re going bougie with the lube tonight.

You can keep your socks on, I get it. You’re ok railing with the windows open, but god forbid someone sees those toes. I got just the thing. My “I fuck with my socks on” socks let people know that not only do you lay the pipe, you do it in style.

Make sure you’re prepared. My “sleep/fuck” pillowcases will let your partner know what you’re in the mood for. Works as a hint when they come over or home from work and that fuck side is up letting them know what’s about to go down, some of that good hot lovin'.

Maybe you had the fuck side up, pulled out (always use protection!), aimed for the lower back, and the shot was so good you went over their head and onto the pillow. Now you have to worry about dried glue cum poking you in the eye mid sleep or being a total dick and giving them that pillow when they get up to pee. I got you! Flip the pillow and you got the fresh as fuck sleep side. What would you do without me? Russian roulette cum stain pillow to the face? No thank you. Now you can be a gracious host for that good sex you just got.

This was fun, I swear I never do things like this! Look, I have an early day in the morning, I better go. Don’t worry, I don’t need cab fare. But, I DO need you to subscribe to my boxxx monthly, so you don’t miss out. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Make sure you’re on the list and secure my box each month.

My Boxxx This Month Contains:

  • Dani. - Fragrance - Retail $35
  • Doc Johnson - Mood Lube - Retail $7.50
  • "I Fuck With My Sock On" - Socks - Retail $20
  • "Sleep/Fuck" - Pillow Case Set - Retail $40
  • Dani Daniels BOXXX - Sticker - Retail $1.00